Virtual Support Services

Virtual Reception

  • Is your business too busy to answer calls, yet small and cannot justify a full-time receptionist?
  • Are you on the road or on-site all day and cannot answer your calls?
  • Are you in interviews or training and missing important calls?
  • Do you get hang ups on your voicemail or answering service?
  • Do you want to go on holidays and need someone to answer your phone?
  • Do you want a few hours of no interruptions to concentrate on your work?

Our virtual reception can help you with all of these issues at a fraction of the cost of employing your own receptionist.

Why pay for a full-time receptionist when you can use ours?

Do not miss a call again with a live professional receptionist answering your calls, taking messages, or transferring calls to you when you are available.

Virtual Admin

Are you too busy to undertake the myriad of administration tasks that are required for a small business?

Not enough work to employ another person?

Why pay for a full-time Admin Assistant when you can use ours?

Our competent and experienced Admin Assistants have undertaken a variety of tasks for clients, for example:

  • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance (training applicants, expense documentation etc.)
  • Organising mail outs, couriers, report binding
  • Creating and distributing Invitations for meetings
  • Organising catering for business events
  • Following up late payers of invoices
  • Appointment booking
  • Social media content distribution
  • Internet research and reporting
  • Obtaining quotes from suppliers
  • Database work and CRM entries

Virtual Executive Support

Are you trying to do everything in your business yourself?
And running out of time?

We are able to provide you with a full complement of executive services including word-processing, desk top design, power point presentation, database establishment and management.
Our experienced Executive Assistant is also competent at online survey programs such as Survey Consul and Survey Monkey.

For example tasks that have been undertaken by our Executive Assistant are:

  • Formatting and professional presentation of client tenders and submissions
  • PowerPoint presentations, brochures, quotes
  • Assisting our recruitment clients; organising and prioritising job applications
  • Gathering information and photography for websites
  • Editing social media posts and other marketing materials
  • Preparation of meeting agendas and other documentation
  • Programming survey questionnaires in Survey Monkey and Survey Consul and presenting the results

Call us on 03 9685 7555 to discuss your needs.